Closing Process



  • Inform them that you’re not a telemarketer

    Will prevent them from hanging up on you

  • Say “I’m calling on behalf of my employer”
    • “I am an agent of Next Level Services”
    • Be confident & wait for their response
  • Say they’re personally invited to join by me
    • Say “Our CEO hired us to welcome you”
    • “It’s a casual welcome to join us & NLS”
    • There is no cost. Only an honest review
    • *We ask for a review of how we helped*
    • Move on to the next part of guidelines
  • Say we’re offering Free Next Level Services
    • We’re a business betterment company
    • Take Any Biz, Prod Or Svc, To The Nxt ^
    • We’re trying to change the whole world
    • Making it possible for anyone to make $
      (Jobless & Homeless Getting Employed)
    • (Helping owners/clients, employees ETC)
    • They Get A Free Consultation & Analysis
    • Get Free Advertisement On Our Website
    • Guaranteed Benefits, Increased Sales ETC
    • Don’t Need Any Money (No Credit Card)
    • Don’t Need Highly-Se Information
  • Wait for them to agree or ask for more info
    • Give Them A Minute To Think About It
    • They Will Either Want It Or They Won’t
      Don’t Get Hung Up On Leads / Clients!
      (There Are Thousands More. Move On)
  • If they are still on the phone, it’s all on you!

    If they’re still there, they want it (or issues)
    If they have a good tone, schedule them!!!
  • Ask them for permission for us to call back

    Schedule them on your calendar! Congrats!!!


  • When calling back clients, always remember:
    • You’re informing them of our procedures
    • Guaranteeing them profits/other benefits
    • *Scheduling them their Free Consultation
    • *Informing them they get a Free Analysis
    • Informing them it helps us to provide NLS
    • Informing them we just want a review after
      (We ask for honesty & provide satisfaction)
  • Research what you can before doing the call

    (Google their business w/ the name/address)

  • Working with other agents is sometimes best

    Multiple agents can close clients much easier
    (Unless you’re a lone wolf & only work alone)
    *You can 3-way call or use a conference room
  • Didn’t close? You can still get a commission!!!

    If someone else closes, it’s a Split Commission
    (You’ll still get 15% - 25% of the commissions)
    The client will go to whoever is a Client Agent
    (If both are client agents, they share the client)


  • Call the client on the schedule date & time

    *Don’t call the client too late or too early!

  • Ask them if they still have the needed time

    This lets them say no or devote it to you ;)

  • *Give them the opportunity to reschedule*

    This helps the relax & feel more comfortable
    It also gives you a way to call back = no loss!
  • Summarize process, assuring its simplicity

    Say “as you know, we’re going to just...”
    Give them the breakdown of the steps

    1. Asking some questions about their biz/prod/svc/idea/them/etc
    1. Passing the information on to managers for filing & scheduling
    1. Scheduling a Free Analysis (More in depth analysis for services)
    1. *Reminding them they’ll get endless benefits & free ads for life*

  • Follow steps listed here above & in Joblet

    All that you need is here & in your Joblet


  • We analyze what we’ll take to the next levels

    (Here we get all the information that we can)

  • Every will analysis be different for each asset

    (Their asset is their biz, prod, svc, idea or ETC)
    Every business, product, service, idea & client
    can have any amount of services & next levels
  • When agents learn the most about the asset

    The agent uses/experiences the client’s asset
    *This is done remotely (virtual) or in person*
  • We inform them the free services are coming

    (They’ll get a call or an email with everything)

  • We schedule for the review 1 month+ ahead)

    We’ll be getting a review from the client later
    (They’ll speak on behalf of their agent & NLS)
    We give them plenty of time to try our service
    *This does not in any way slow your payments*


Our team of will experts go over the client’s asset

After a lot of hard work, services are provided
Much care is given to all clients & their assets
Our team has decades of experience & more!

What They Do...

Research the asset
Research the client
See all competition
Investigate problems
Research & brainstorm
Take note of all information
Organize lists of found solutions
Find ways to cut costs & max profits
Find ways to take asset to the next levels
Create a Summary Of Services for the client
Research & add premium services to Paid List
Converse with the client offering paid services
Close with as many subscriptions as possible
Much more to help clients & make more $!

We take most of the work out of your work

So much so, it’s almost like you should pay us ;P
But seriously though, we’ve done most of it for you!

If You Do Your Part, You WILL Make A Lot Of Money!!!
Remember to be confident & keep your clients happy

For any questions, call or text any time 860.731.8681