Welcome to The Principality of Einegroße - Banking Community

Hello, welcome to the Palace Treasury Bank and online marketplace, in the new British Sovereign Pound, legal tender
 on Crown Estate over this community banking and marketplace  website, designed to finance members, and promote the use the new Palace currency, the Sovereign. 

I want to give you money in my currency, initially for nothing, and I'll never require another currency, I am competing with them.

I can provide the British Sovereign Pound, which I consider to be legal tender in Great Britain, noting my family founded the Bank of England in 1694 and the first banknotes in 1695.

I'm the Monarch of the United Kingdom on behalf of my parents I've stepped up, and I'd rather hire you, the British people, any folk in Europe, North America, the South, and anywhere in the world - all nations.

Not everyone in my economy has to work, they never did. But some people might need to make things to sell via the online store. 

All are welcome to use the British or Einegroße or U.K. Sovereign Pound as commissioned by myself, King Ben Windsor.

Nicknames are false addresses and phone numbers are OK to protect privacy. This website has functions to communicate.

I can work with these as long as they are unique so I would like at least 8 digits or just your name is OK - please add a word or number, to avoid naming in the rare predicament that someone else has the same name.

Please make things and advertise them on the online buying and selling community. I will try to maximize everyone's usage limits as high as they go. So you can place many products on each including in any of the categories. If you want new categories please message me via the dashboard and I will add a category for you. I'd better not speak to you all, but if you wish, you can speak to each other. I may have to change database settings to enable this, as part of the debate of buying and selling.

People of any age are welcome to join. Please encourage your friends from other nations to join to.

Please make the site a success for me.

Do not, please, spend penny or cent on this project, I'd rather this effort doesn't incur anyone actual cost.

If you live in Crown Estate, Duchies, or the Commonwealth of Nations, or any British or French Empire nation, or anywhere in the world, please plant fruit vines and sell 'faster growing fuit' initially. Please also plan for the future and plant other slowing growing bushels ... like my orange tree, that barely produces. However collectively we can start obtaining produce.

Only nations with liberal farming or gardening laws should participate.

Please sign up and receive 4 new bank accounts. Please request money using the online dashboard (either a message to 'King Ben' which can be searched for in the message section, or searched for in the other 'request money' features) and I will credit money to your bank accounts.

Please bookmark the website: https://communities.cyclos.org

Everyone is welcome. I am so far invited the British Government, Indian Government, and Chinese Government. I will soon invite people from these nations via other online sources.

There is a feature to recommend the website to friends or acquaintances. This would be very appreciated, if more and more people joined the bank which features an online buying and selling community as part of the websites' banking software features, as well as giving everyone 4 bank accounts.

We do not provide fully translating bank numbers at this stage and the British Sovereign Pound is new, staring only 6 months ago.

I am however, a senior member of the Bank of England, the Chief Sealer. Please note that the Bank of England was founded by my family, by William III in 1694. King William III issued the worlds first banknotes the following year.

There are so far very few users of the British Sovereign Pound.

However people are welcome to start using it.

To start, there is no need to credit from your other hard earned currency, simply ask me to credit you, as many times as you wish, and I will keep doing this. Because the currency is not yet in widespread use, and neither is the buying and selling community in the currency, I cannot allow your products to be made of many things that you buy in other currencies. Initially, I hope you only use materials from mother nature, or provide services using your own skillset. Please be aware that your education was facilitated by my family, the House of Windsor, which founded Oxford University, the second oldest university in the world, and the first School, Kings School.

Einegroße https://sites.google.com/site/einegrosse/

Hospitals are also a product of my family, which went to Windsor Castle but came from Cardiff, establishing a 2000 year old castle, the worlds' oldest. Before this we had stopped in Portugal and discovered the known world. Before this we came from Crete and the Cyclenes. Cyclos is named after the Cyclene islands . The Minoan Society of Crete was very special, and the House of Windsor originates from its ancient Royal lineage in Knossos, Europe's oldest city.

The Minoans founded Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, and the Roman Empire.

The cyclenes assisted the excellence of the Great Minoan society forming 3700BC (earlier than Egypt and the city of Athens, which was only inhabited 7000 years ago. The Greeks and Persians have been influenced by the Russians, North Africans, and the Indian Empire.

The modern regions of Eurasia and other continents are great at trading. Sometimes finding a forum is important to get individually involved. Stay with us and we can get you a new trading currency. I am competing with other currency issuers.

I am avoiding currency laws in various nations by facilitating an online trading community and a 'cryptocurrency' only for exchange in our online community. However I hope the British Sovereign Pound will become more widely used in other nations due to its prestiege - the prestiege of the House of Windsor, which has been foundational in modern and ancient times. William III founded the first central bank, the Bank of England in 1694 and the first banknotes in 1695.

The Minoans invented Sheep and Cotton, and yachts and ships.

What I hope, is that your collective ability, British citizen, and as citizens of all nations of the world,  build this online bank and community of traders, using the British Sovereign Pound, until the currency becomes more acceptable in British 'Crown Estate' or Duchies.