How to Use

The help file can be accessed via the help icon in the functions windows. The help contains an explanation of all administration features. Directly under the title of each help section the location where to find the described feature is shown. The location is in italic and has a > sign in front.

Navigation in Tibir Bank is done via a main menu (horizontal bar) and submenus that are shown at the left or directly under the horizontal menu depending on the screen size. When navigating more than one level deep (for example: view user profile) our system will show a clickable ‘breadcrumb’ tree directly under the horizontal menu. Besides the menu you can use the ‘Quick actions’ that show up at the home page. What actions will show up at this page can be defined in the the local preferences (Personal > Preferences > Dashboard ations) The ‘quick search’ (at the top right) can be used to search quickly for users, contacts or advertisements. Operations that are related to users can be done from the Profile > Actions section of the user profile (for example make payment or set reference).

Update your profile

Menu: Personal > Profile or Top right menu: Person icon

Click on edit to change profile fields. In order to add & remove Addresses, Phones and images, please select the corresponding Tab (when in Edit profile mode).

View your account information

Menu: Banking >My accounts

At this page you can view your account(s) information such as the balance and the payments. In the advanced option you can filter by specific criteria. Clicking on a payment will open the payment details.

Make a payment

Menu: Banking > Payment

At this page you can make a payment to another user or a payment to the system.

Search for users

Menu: Users > Search or Top menu: Quick Search

From this page you can search for members. The member search will search in all member profile fields. In the advanced option you can filter by specific criteria. You can use more than one keyword in the search. You can also search all members by not specifying a keyword.

Search for advertisements

Menu: Market place > Search advertisements or Top right menu: Quick Search

In this page you can search for advertisements. You can use the keywords search option to search by more than one keyword. When you leave the keywords field blank all ads will be searched. In order to view a list of advertisement categories you can select ‘Browse categories’. In the advanced option you can filter by specific criteria. When clicking on the advertisement you will access the details of the advertisement. In the details page you can go directly to the profile of the user (publisher) or post a question about the advertisement.

Place an advertisement

Menu: Market place > My advertisements > New

At this page you can insert a new advertisement. All fields are self explanatory. Make sure to insert an image by selecting the ‘image’ link. You can update your advertisements by clicking on the ‘Edit icon’. The edit mode will have a page (tab) for images. The image at the top of the list will show up in the main search window.

My Advertisement interests

Menu: Market place > Advertisements interests

At this page you can define ‘interests’ and receive notifications when somebody posts a new advertisements that matches your interests. You can define how the notification will be sent in Preferences > Notifications.


Menu: Personal > Information > Messages or Top right menu: Message icon . Our System has an internal messaging system. You can send message to users or to the administration (organisation). When sending a message to the administration you will have to select a message category (e.g. support, loan request, complaint). Administrators and brokers can send individual messages and bulk messages (mailings) to groups of users.


Menu: Personal > Information > Notifications or Top right menu: Bell icon

This page will show a list with a history of your notifications. Notifications can be send on:
- Account events: payment received, credit limit modified
- Advertisements events: Ad expired, match of advertisement interest
- Access events: Password blocked, password disabled
- References events: Reference received, reference changed.

View documents

Menu: Personal > Information > Documents

At this page you can view documents. This can be dynamic documents (web forms) or static documents such as PDF and other files. The documents can be managed by the admin, and optionally also by the user self (depending on the permissions).

View and give references

Menu: Personal > Information > References or View user profile > Actions

The references system is a peer review system. User can assign a reference to other users. The reference consists of a score on a pre-defined value scale, and a personal comment. User can see the references to other users, and references given to them.


Menu: Users > Users > My Contacts or Top right menu: Quick Search

Here you can manage (add & remove) contacts. Selecting a contact of the contact list will bring you directly to the user profile of the contact. From the profile page you can perform user actions related to the user (e.g. make payment or send message).

Notification settings

Menu: Personal > Preferences > Notifications

Notifications can be generated in our system when a status is changed or an activity has been performed. For example: a received payment, balance change, credit limit change, received reference etc. The notifications can be send as e-mail and in the future other channels will be added (SMS, USSD).