Users' Functions


Market Place section:
  • Search ads by type (offer, demand, rent, gifts ...)
  • See the name of the owner of the ad, photos, price, publication date and description of the product or favor / service.
  • Search ads by keywords, by categories  (types of products or favors / services) , by type of ad (offer, demand, rent, gifts ...), by owner (private, company, entity ...) and by distance by selecting kilometers from a specific location (Google Maps).
  • Search ads by advanced search: filter by price range (greater to lesser or lower), by publication date (newer, older or select a publishing period) or view only those that have images.


Manage Profile: 
  • See the name of User and personal name. 
  • View address and location on Google maps (Users who have this information publicly visible).
  • Search Users for keywords. Sort by alphabetical order or by date of affiliation.
  • Filter by gender (male or female)
  • Filter Users by distance from our address. The system will show on the map the Users that are within the radius of kilometers that we have introduced.
  • See the number of operations carried out by a specific User.
  • Rate transactions (by means of stars according to the degree of satisfaction obtained: Very good, good, neutral, bad and very bad).
  • See the following User details (in addition to those visible as a visitor):
           - Date of affiliation of User.
           - Balance available.
           - Activity of the account (last 30 days and all the period).
           - Ratings given and received in detail of User, date and comments. 
           - Percentage of ratings with indication of the last 30 days or of the whole period.
           - Amount of active ads. 

Edit Profile:
  • Add other Users to a list of personal contacts and filter the search for keywords.
  • Sort the contacts by ascending or descending alphabetical order.
  • Send a personal message to any User (Aksum Bank internal messaging service).
  • Send a message to webmasters (Support).
  • View messages received and sent (with details of User, subject and date). Possibility of filtering by User and keywords (advanced search).
  • Receive notices (red circle at the top right) of messages (letter icon) and notifications (bell icon) pending answering.
  • See all notifications received sorted by date (payments, account activity, ads, ratings, questions ...) and configure them individually to receive notices in the email.
  • Modify your password.

Online banking:
  • Make a payment to a User with data on the amount, concept and description of the transfer (entering the first letter of the name of the User the system will automatically show them). Verification screen and payment confirmation.
  • Consult the account: See available balance and detail of each transaction (User paying the payment, amount, date, type and description of the transaction). 
  • Save the transfer details (PDF) or print them out.
  • Filter for User payments or system payments (Aksum Bank payments).
  • Filter by credits (payments received) or debit (payments made).
  • Filter by period of operations (from day x to day x).

Market Place section:
Offer and request favors, products or services by posting one or more ads.
  • Publish ads by categories selecting the type (offer, demand or rental). You can also select the publication period (maximum 18 months).
  • Description of the ad up to 2000 characters using rich text. Links can also be added.
  • Up to 3 photos per ad.
  • If you select "Show on the map", the Users will see the location of the ad on the Google map.
  • Edit your ads and see their status (published, hidden, disabled ...)
Respond to whoever has been interested in an announcement and ask a question to any User in relation to their ad.

Actions with the APP (mobile application):
  • Register
  • Search Users
  • Check your account balance.
  • Make payments
  • Manage contacts